Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Today i started working on my uni project about my style icon: Zack Morris and i did a couple of rough sketches of how i might want some of my looks to look. ones for a possible work look...

and the other is for a possible wedding look...

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Style Icon Brief

In uni we have been given the brief for our main term project and it involves selecting a style icon and creating 5 looks where the styling has been influenced by our icons. i have chosen Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell as his quirky 90s style has definitely been influencing my style of recent. I cant wait to start putting together looks influenced by the style of this great man.

Google image

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Heres an example of my styling in a studio space, its another snapshot from a set of looks I created in university based on trends of S/S13, for more visit

Photography by Abby Beatrice Quick

I had a stying workshop in uni the other day and we got to bring in clothes that fitted in with trends from SS13 and then create looks. Obviously I chose the 90s silhouette trend that id picked up from designers like Calvin Klein...

But i thought id take this trend quite generally and experiment with more generic 90s clothes, creating  less formal more fun looks. i love this green turtle neck vest jumper with black feathered shoulders and i paired it with my friends homemade metallic skirt and vintage nike trainers.

For this look i used a vintage box jacket that i found in Spitalfields, some leggings from and my friends awesome black ankle boots. I also used a snakeskin silk scarf as a boob-tube top, to amke a truely 90s creation.

For this style i reused the turtleneck vest and paired it with my retro ski jacket from

Once again this turtleneck has made an appearance but this time with my thin silver chain and the amazing pop vintage leggings, playing with graphic prints and textures was what the day was really about and the experience with my tutor guiding us through the dos and donts of styling was truly invaluable.

For this look i paired the metallic skirt with a vintage crushed velvet tie dyed top and rolled up the sleeves to give it that 90s feel. I felt something was missing so i whipped off the self-studded vintage beanie i was wearing and i think it sets the look off perfectly.

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Heres an example of my styling in a studio space, its just a snapshot from a set of looks I created in university based on trends of S/S13, for more visit

My photographer friend, Louisa Rogers, and I thought we would do a 50s themed shoot in a park near our flat and this is the best image in my opinion, for more see 

Monday, 28 January 2013

In university weve been given the opportunity to do spontaneous  shoots and one day we were in a studio with loads of natural light and my model Louisa is normally a photographer but it was so good to get her in front of the camera and show off her beautiful face. is a link to her Facebook site.

Ive recently been obsessed with the 90s look and thought id style and shoot my amazing housemate in that style and this is the outcome. Im so happy with the shoot and cant wait to get the styling kit out again.

Girl in the dark